Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Could Thom Vest's elite shopping club signal the start of a retail revolution?

This coming September will mark the official launch of the most recent in a long line of innovative projects from one of L.A.'s leading creative firms- 0Three Media. The concept is said to have been inspired by a combination of the countless "flash sale" websites taking over the internet, and yet another crazy idea that Thom Vest (a fairly well-known Beverly Hills socialite and 0Three's twenty-something year old founder) had for a pop-up store during a trip to Europe sometime last year. The aptly named 'Urban Sanctuary' event series will span three days and feature a multitude of interactive demos, displays, activities and entertainment for VIP guests and members of Vest's elite shopping club, who's tagline urges it's members to join the 'Retail Revolution'. What makes the idea truly unique is that each day will be split in two main parts, with the first half reserved for vendors to showcase and gift their latest and greatest products to an exclusive list of celebrities, editors, and retail buyers with the second half open to consumers (or at least the ones lucky enough to make Vest's final guest list; who has been known to deny entry to certain 'celebutantes' who somehow got on his bad side... meow!)

Once guests are able to get through the doors, they will receive exclusive deals and discounts on the very same products that were just gifted to A-list celebrities and retail buyers hours before, but with a portion of all proceeds going back to help various charitable organizations that fit with each one of the event's creative themes.Vest's upcoming "Jetsetter" themed event is said to be a three day soiree slated for early September, and has created quite a buzz in the fashion and retail world due to both the social media and interactive elements said to be involved. The event portion of his new venture offers a look behind the 'curtain' of social media's 'flashsale' obsession - which has been made popular by popular sites like Gilt and Hautelook. Membership to the club and it's newsletter is completely free, but before subscribers begin receiving the hefty discounts and upscale invites that come as a result they must be 'accepted', and that's only after receiving a recommendation or endorsement from an existing member in order to gain access and get the "keys to the city" as Vest has called it. The Urban Sanctuary Newsletter alone is said to have already received over 200 thousand subscribers submissions before the site has even launched by word of mouth and the buzz surrounding it, which is quite impressive to say the least. It seems that Social Media's 'golden boy' has quite a lot riding on this, especially given the brand names that have reportedly signed on board to participate which seems like a who's-who of household names and big time brands.

When asked how his concept for Urban Sanctuary was different, Thom Vest remarked "I really wanted to create an interactive environment where guests are able to dream and get lost in, even if only for a few hours. The whole 'Retail Therapy' thing has been done to death, so this is more like an ‘Alice in Wonderland' experience for consumers." Having already received several approving nods from some of the worlds leading consumer brands and retail experts, Urban Sanctuary could truly mark the beginning of a much larger theme in the world of creative retail... but only if he pulls it off.  After a fellow reporter asked how the internet and 'flashsales' came into play, Vest went on to say: "Social Media has become a very big part of all of our lives, so we are also in the process of finalizing details on also featuring the worlds first social media photo booth inside the event which would act as a live feed that automatically updates every social media and news outlet at once! We have all been working around the clock, but needless to say I couldn't be happier or more excited about the positive feedback and support we have received to help this idea come to life" 

Fueling rumors about the ‘secret' location of their first Jet set themed being none other than the the infamous Sunset Tower Hotel, comes the news that Vest and his team will be taking over all 6200 sq feet of the world famous Argyle Spa & Salon (which is located inside the hotel), in order to create what Vest has called ‘The Apothicarium', an all-out luxe laboratory where guests can view the various beauty, spa and wellness products featured within the Sanctuary while a panel of ‘experts & alchemists' clad in era-appropriate attire set the stage for a new era of retail. I like thousands of others am eagerly awaiting for acceptance into the club, and look forward to reporting on the final product come September!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

0Three Media brings out Sophia Bush, Brittany Snow, Madeline Zima and MANY more to "LOVE IS LOUDER" Event

Sophia Bush and Brittany Snow hit the Love Is Louder t-shirt launch party on Tuesday (February 15) at Rock & Republic in Los Angeles.
“I was supposed to attend [designer Jen Kao]’s show during New York Fashion Week today but I had to come out and support my girl!” Sophia told JustJared.com exclusively about her pal Brittany, who founded the Love Is Louder movement.
“Thank u Rock & Republic and 0Three Media for a truly amazing event. I almost cried. & thanks 2 all my friends 4 comin out! So grateful,” Brittany tweeted at the Ulimat Vodka-sponsored party.
Sophia also dished that her boyfriend and One Tree Hill co-star Austin Nichols just wrapped the episode he directed.
“Everyone has been hush-hush about the plot but it’s a really heart-wrenching episode,” she teased.
FYI: Sophia paired her Jen Kao dress with Jerome Rousseau shoes, while Brittany stepped out in a French Connection dress with Report Signature shoes.

Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/02/16/sophia-bush-brittany-snow-love-is-louder-t-shirt-launch/#ixzz1E8Cck5kQ

About 0Three Media: Founded as a boutique PR firm by Thom Vest in 2005, 0Three Media offers forward thinking, creative, and most importantly effective Event, Editorial, Social Media and creative solutions for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands. Learn more at www.0three.com

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thom Vest of 0Three Media and Rock & Republic Team up to support Brittany Snows movement "Love is Louder"

0Three Media and Rock & Republic Team up to Support Brittany Snow's Charitable Movement, Love is Louder

0Three Media and Rock & Republic Will Host a Contest Encouraging Everyone to Take a Stand Against Bullying by Creating a New T-Shirt That Will Be Sold at Rock & Republic Retail Outlets and Online With a Portion of the Proceeds Going to Love is Louder

0Three Media and Rock & Republic have teamed up to promote Brittany Snow's charitable endeavor "Love is Louder" and create a T-shirt that will be sold at Rock & Republic's online and retail outlets and unveiled at an in-store event on February 15th, 2011, a portion of proceeds will benefit Love is Louder and The Jed Foundation. In an effort to create a unified voice to promote love over bullying all are encouraged to express themselves through art. From now until January 20th2011, 0ThreeMedia and Rock & Republic will be accepting submissions for an exclusive Love is Louder design to appear on a T-shirt created by Rock & Republic.
"This is truly an amazing opportunity for youth across the country to raise their voices and make a difference. I have the utmost respect for teens brave enough to be who they are, and all those who support them," Thom Vest, CEO of 0Three Media.
Love is Louder's creator Brittany Snow will pick the winning design, which will be unveiled at the Rock & Republic Valentines event to support Love is Louder at their store located in Beverly Hills, CA scheduled for February 15th 2011 from 7:30 - 9:30. The Event will feature a DJ, open bar, Hors d'oeuvres and VIP gift bags. "Rock & Republic is proud to be hosting this event to help raise the volume on the message that no matter what, love is stronger than hate and that by supporting one another we can make a difference," Michael Ball, CEO and Creative Director for Rock & Republic.
"I so feel fortunate to be working with Rock & Republic who clearly understands how important this cause is. It's exciting to have the opportunity to create an event that will humanize this amazing charity and allow these kids voices to be heard," Crystal Ortiz, Senior Events Coordinator for 0Three Media.
Design submissions can be sent to loveisloudercontest@gmail.com
Crystal Ortiz
Email Contact
949 232-4443

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


POSHGLAM and 0Three Media Form Strategic Partnership to Further Expand Their Businesses Internationally and Broaden Their Web Properties

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - December 1, 2010) - POSHGLAM.com and 0Three Media announced today a multi-platform strategic partnership designed to mutually benefit both companies by better serving their users, clients, editorial and advertising communities in the U.S. and abroad. The agreement consists of four major components in the areas of search engine optimization, online editorials, co-branded events, and product placement deals.
"Our clients will benefit from the combination of 0Three Media and POSHGLAM's leading technology and services, providing them with one of the best online publicity experiences," said Thom Vest, President and Chief Executive Officer, 0Three Media. "0Three Media holds a leadership position in all forms of new media and publicity. This partnership with POSHGLAM provides us with a great opportunity to further extend our clients web footprint and SEO reach."
"POSHGLAM has partnered with 0Three Media to complement our brand's shared core ideals and to overlap the momentum of our brand. After discovering our shared market, we decided to leverage each of our skills to provide our clients/advertisers with the most well-rounded service possible," says Kimberly Stone, Founder and President of POSHGLAM. "The luxury sector is evolving and embracing a more digi-centric approach to branding, and the joining of our overlapping networks will further assist POSHGLAM in the promotion of Luxury Emergent Brands. We are excited by the new strategic alliance and look forward to growing together in this collaborative partnership."
0Three Media and POSHGLAM are about to roll out the initiatives best suited to maximize the prospects of the partnership. While the partnership is in beta phase over the next few months we'll be testing out our new initiatives on schedule for full implementation in 2011.
About 0Three Media.
0Three Media is a full service Creative agency offering an array of online optimization options to suit your needs. From out-of-the-box online promotional campaigns to social media management, celebrity outreach, contests, giveaways, online editorial features and much more; 0Three Media's experienced team is equipped to handle any campaign that has the power of a grass roots street team but with the ease of sending an email. Created by like-minded individuals, 0Three offers unyielding passion and creative vision to illuminate the path to success for your company, products, or services. Their goal is to provide dedicated service with a strategic approach to capture your target audience and deliver quantifiable results.
0Three Media works closely with each client to develop targeted, comprehensive and highly effective marketing campaigns. Their strong relationships with key editors in online, and television media outlets allow 0Three the ability to coordinate and secure relevant hits that will drive traffic to your website while also reinforcing the current campaigns they are working on while also offering a full menu for all your creative endeavors to cater to your specific campaign needs. 
0Three Media has a range of Online media contacts include Regional, National, Daily news sources, Fashion & Lifestyle, Trade and Business publications, as well as a broad range of blogs, streaming news sites, etc. We provide our clients with comprehensive plans that highlight target markets, pitch angles, and so on so that each step of the projects we work on are highlighted, and we can track the progress and results of your specific campaign to assure you receive the most effective service possible. Since its inception, 0Three Media has been behind some of the most aggressive, agile, and effective campaigns in the industry, and we look forward to providing you with the same service and solutions that have earned our reputation and contacts that we are able to pass on to on to our clients. Already being named one of the hottest up-and-coming creative agencies in the industry, 0Three has been covered by the following media outlets: US WEEKLY, ENTREPRENEUR, and 944magazine.
OThree Media and POSHGLAM have hired on branding and lifestyle expert, Jae Joseph of Freide+Co., to lead the creative direction and branding of the partnership. Freide+Co, luxury branded entertainment, is a branding and development agency that works exclusively with fine artists, musicians, and film-makers, offering new media paths and solutions to mainstream markets.
POSHGLAM caters primarily to emerging luxury brands and new, talented designers.
POSHGLAM continues to set the standard for what's new and emerging in the world of Fashion Marketing and Social Media. Aside from offering exciting and pertinent news on the next generation of fashion designers and brands, POSHGLAM also features events, trends, fashion happenings around the world and local coverage pertaining to different fashion markets -- making it a great place to browse, shop, and discover new brands.
POSHGLAM's diverse group of writers -- with loads of personality and varying tastes -- give POSHGLAM a witty tone that equally matches the attitude that accompanies a true style maven, and helps their reader gain a greater knowledge of luxury emerging brands from a fashion gossip's perspective.
The catchy name is what draws most readers in, and they stay due to the engaging tone and overabundance of original content on fashion and industry specific information.
POSHGLAM covers well-known brands but its roots are purposefully placed in the emerging market, with the belief that raw talent is at the center of every trend. The POSHGLAM team has a strong belief in honing the skill set of newer designers and helping them to establish themselves by displaying their exciting, truly original work to the public on the newly launched blog. Whether the feature is an established handbag line, or a newly sewn collection of fabulous garments, POSHGLAM helps promote artistic expression through fashion and the arts and makes the hard-to-find well known.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Leave me Malone

Jo Malone has long been synonymous with luxury, but only recently has become acceptable for men to openly admit to owning. Gay, Straight, Metro, Bi, Thai, men across the globe has finally embraced what thousands of satisfied female consumers have grown to love over the years and become not-so-closeted fans of the London apothecary staple.

Even if you (or your boyfriend) think they are too tough for "girly" candles, creams, lotions, and potions, the line is offering up some pretty sweet deals! With Christmas just around the corner, the brand offers some luxury items at reasonable prices that will leave everyone thinking you finally put on your big boy/girl pants and stopped thinking a $5 gift card to Best Buy is a gift.


Get the look: MAD MEN

Oct 16, 2010 Nicholas Morine
While the entire cast of Mad Men are suited up in some of the finest classic vintage aesthetics to ever hit the silver screen – nobody does it better than the lean and incorrigible Don Draper. As the star of the show, he is the most obvious choice to model as clotheshorse and a style icon that many men could easily emulate with at least some degree of success.

The Secret Behind Don Draper's Wardrobe – Classic Men's Fashion in a Monochrome Shade

The alignment of the monochrome ensemble – that is, a suit, shirt, and tie combination that restrict themselves to blacks, greys, and whites – is just as evident in the costuming of the cast of Mad Men as it has been a staple of designer fashion, particularly Calvin Klein, for the past four or five years.
A staple of Don Draper's wardrobe is the two button wool suit in a charming business gray – lighter than the dusky charcoal typically found in many serge or gabardine wool offerings and a touch darker than the light smoke that became very popular in the 1970's and 1980's. This is an absolute must have item in order to complete the look, CK being just one avenue to pursue in finding a well-tailored equivalent.

A crisp white dress shirt never hurt, either. It is a rare time indeed when we see the advertising man of the century bereft of a crisp, fitted white dress shirt. When placed in combination with a black tie in order to create contrast and an aire of authority and confidence – this outfit really comes together in all the right ways to create a professional and cool image typical of the era.

How to Dress like the Cast and Characters of AMC's Mad Men

Really, the secret is all in the choices of colour, the style of knot, and the quality of the tailoring. While it may seem extremely easy to simply choose any old off-the-rack gray suit and pair it with a white shirt and black tie, more considerations must certainly come into play.
For men wishing to modernize the style of the 1950's while maintaining that classic flair, the most obvious choice is a substitution of the white dress shirt to something, while still remaining timeless and conservative, is perhaps a bit less drab. French blue is an excellent choice, a lighter shade than the typical navy or business blue worn by many corporate stiffs – also allowing a wonderful pairing with a silver or smoke grey tie to bring the ensemble back into the outer garments.

By paying attention to these details and ensuring that the fit and quality of all your garments is professionally attended to – you too can be one step closer to indulging in the masculine aesthetic as evoked by the masterful writers of AMC's hottest new television program.The importance in choosing a two-button suit cannot be overstated in order to achieve the trim and sleek silhouettes of the characters in Mad Men – the benefits of the two-button suit over the more common three-button variety are at least twofold. On the first hand, a two-button suit has a much lower point of closure, creating a much deeper neckline and a more masculine silhouette about the chest and hips. Secondly, the lower closure also allows for a much greater expanse of the dress shirt and tie to be displayed, showing off the workmanship, fit, and style of each part of your ensemble as arrayed.

Read more at Suite101: How to Dress, Look Like Don Draper from AMC's Mad Men http://www.suite101.com/content/how-to-dress-look-like-don-draper-from-amcs-mad-men-a297506#ixzz138WNuYf0

Vintage Couture: Friend of foe?

If your anything like me, you probably  have had more than one occasion in which you have an inappropriate outburst in a store when finding that gorgeous piece of Vintage couture to add to your collection,(especially if the price of said fashion-masterpeice is less than what you spend on one of your three daily Starbucks drinks!) I remember when I found a vintage Christian Dior cardigan that has now become a staple in my warbrobe in a salvation army in northern california, I literally screamed in delight like an Asian School girl, no doubt terrifying my elderly shopping competition and most likely causing a heart attack or two. 

While I have learned that the time and effort that goes into these little ventures is totally worth it (and something that I wish I could do all day every day), I have discovered that effective Vintage shopping is truly an art, and takes months, sometimes years of practice to be able to maximize your time, money, and energy! 

I admit I definitely have been known to "splurge" on fashion (which is an understatement at best), I also get an indescribable rush from finding a vintage designer piece for pennies, and have some tips for anyone looking to "get the look" without risking financial ruin. Bottom Line: You don't have to make Rachel Zoe's salary to achieve a look she would "DIE" over. Below are the 3 questions to ask yourself. 

1. What should I buy? Think about the style you are trying to achieve. Do you like the sleek sophistication of the 1920s-30s or "New Look" clothing from the '40s and '50s? Does your taste run toward artsy, flowing hippie style or is it more 1980s, with big shoulder pads, miniskirts and leg warmers? Or are you carefree and love to mix 'n' match? When starting your collection, try to focus on that which you truly love and know you'll wear. Just as with modern, shopping mall-bought styles, it's always a bit tragic when you purchase something and it sits, unworn, in your closet.

2. Where do I go? Vintage clothing can be found in a variety of places. For the adventurous and budget-minded, there are thrift stores, yard sales and church bazaars. Check through clothing racks at places such as Goodwill, Salvation Army and smaller thrift shops (or charity shops, as they're known in the UK). Sometimes, these stores have specially designated vintage clothing sections. With yard sales and church bazaars, it's best if you know for sure that they have vintage clothing for sale-for instance, if you see it in their ad-in order to not waste time looking for something that probably isn't there. You can also buy vintage clothing on the Internet, either through online auctions or virtual antique malls. Then there are brick-and-mortar shops, which are often pricier than online auctions, but you have the advantage of thoroughly inspecting and trying on an item prior to buying it. There are also a variety of vintage clothing expos or shows throughout the U.S. These feature booths with a huge variety of vintage items. They're exciting to visit and usually have enthusiastic collectors, dealers and browsers who can offer their expertise and insights.

3. What should I pay? As much as you want, without going over your budget. It's common sense to know that you shouldn't max out your credit card, but, of course, we're all tempted. The best thing to do is first find articles of clothing online or in stores similar to what you like and see what the going rate is. In other words, comparison-shop first. When you buy items off-season, like a cashmere coat in summer or a Hawaiian dress in winter, you can often get a price reduction. Textiles, too, play a part. If you like wild-patterned '70s disco shirts, you're going to find a lot of them at a reasonable price, because early polyester isn't a particularly desirable fabric.

Read more: How to Start a Wearable Vintage Clothing Collection | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5055866_start-wearable-vintage-clothing-collection.html#ixzz1383c3zgl