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Get the look: MAD MEN

Oct 16, 2010 Nicholas Morine
While the entire cast of Mad Men are suited up in some of the finest classic vintage aesthetics to ever hit the silver screen – nobody does it better than the lean and incorrigible Don Draper. As the star of the show, he is the most obvious choice to model as clotheshorse and a style icon that many men could easily emulate with at least some degree of success.

The Secret Behind Don Draper's Wardrobe – Classic Men's Fashion in a Monochrome Shade

The alignment of the monochrome ensemble – that is, a suit, shirt, and tie combination that restrict themselves to blacks, greys, and whites – is just as evident in the costuming of the cast of Mad Men as it has been a staple of designer fashion, particularly Calvin Klein, for the past four or five years.
A staple of Don Draper's wardrobe is the two button wool suit in a charming business gray – lighter than the dusky charcoal typically found in many serge or gabardine wool offerings and a touch darker than the light smoke that became very popular in the 1970's and 1980's. This is an absolute must have item in order to complete the look, CK being just one avenue to pursue in finding a well-tailored equivalent.

A crisp white dress shirt never hurt, either. It is a rare time indeed when we see the advertising man of the century bereft of a crisp, fitted white dress shirt. When placed in combination with a black tie in order to create contrast and an aire of authority and confidence – this outfit really comes together in all the right ways to create a professional and cool image typical of the era.

How to Dress like the Cast and Characters of AMC's Mad Men

Really, the secret is all in the choices of colour, the style of knot, and the quality of the tailoring. While it may seem extremely easy to simply choose any old off-the-rack gray suit and pair it with a white shirt and black tie, more considerations must certainly come into play.
For men wishing to modernize the style of the 1950's while maintaining that classic flair, the most obvious choice is a substitution of the white dress shirt to something, while still remaining timeless and conservative, is perhaps a bit less drab. French blue is an excellent choice, a lighter shade than the typical navy or business blue worn by many corporate stiffs – also allowing a wonderful pairing with a silver or smoke grey tie to bring the ensemble back into the outer garments.

By paying attention to these details and ensuring that the fit and quality of all your garments is professionally attended to – you too can be one step closer to indulging in the masculine aesthetic as evoked by the masterful writers of AMC's hottest new television program.The importance in choosing a two-button suit cannot be overstated in order to achieve the trim and sleek silhouettes of the characters in Mad Men – the benefits of the two-button suit over the more common three-button variety are at least twofold. On the first hand, a two-button suit has a much lower point of closure, creating a much deeper neckline and a more masculine silhouette about the chest and hips. Secondly, the lower closure also allows for a much greater expanse of the dress shirt and tie to be displayed, showing off the workmanship, fit, and style of each part of your ensemble as arrayed.

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